If you love horses; if you know of horses that have been euthanized for hoof issues - you know what a miracle worker this man is. My horse, Silk, was a hair away from a shot in the head. Now??? She runs, throws her head, is in NO pain and is now under saddle again!!!"
~Silk's owner

Internet Consultation For A Neglected Mare:

I just want to say thank you SO MUCH for all the help you've been giving me. I would never have been able to do this without the constant help and support. Before I got through her fronts today she was very hesitant to be led, stopped and refused to go forward often, and in general could just barely move. Getting her to walk to the pasture was a huge accomplishment. She wouldn’t even put her head down to graze, it was as if she didn’t know what grazing was. After I got the toes down today I took her for a walk and she was a different horse. You could barely even tell she was blind. She was eager to walk, completely trusted me to lead her, and even trotted up and down the drive some. Not a single moment of refusing to move and her gait was so, so much freer and swinging. I lead her over to grass and she grazed like there was no tomorrow. I realized that the pressure caused by those extra long toes probably made a grazing position rather uncomfortable. It made me so proud and so happy to see I had truly made a difference in this horse’s life, and as corny as it sounds, I couldn’t have done it without you. 

From Italy:

Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing your professional savvy with us, also because in italy the barefoot movement is misunderstood and undervalued. Finding professional help here is often misleading, that is why we started, sweating and struggling in trying to understand always more to trim by ourselves. You know very well, because is your job, how hard it is. In the next days I will send you some photos of the other petals of our flower/ herd of equine friends. Thank you from my heart… -Joez