I trim throughout the state with a focus in Central Virginia. I try to group trims in similar areas onto the same day to save fuel.

I have recently relocated and am seeking clientele in Cumberland and the surrounding counties.


I accept cash or check for the full amount due at the time of service.

Please make all checks payable to Tatum Standley.

Why does my horse need frequent trims?

Mature horses grow nearly a centimeter of new hoof wall a month, with younger horses growing even more. Having your horse trimmed on a 4-6 week schedule discourages this new growth from deforming and causing problems with hoof function. A shorter trim cycle allows the hoof to stay in good form constantly and promotes healthy growth.

Services & Rates

The horses on my rotation are trimmed on a 4-6 week schedule. Trims further apart are subject to higher rates at my discretion. For more information, please see below.

Maintenance Trim: $40
Shoe Removal and Setup Trim: $45
Draft Trim: $50
Mini Trim: $35
Special or Severe Situations: Contact me

Trip Charges: $1/mile, one way, for distances over 25 miles (from zip code 23040)
Late Charges: Minimum of $10 per horse. Late trims/excessive trim cycles not only slow down a horse's progress but are more work for me/my tools. This is at my discretion.

I reserve the right to decline to trim a horse for any reason, including but not limited to dangerous behavior.

To set up an appointment, please email GreatHoofCare@gmail.com